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    SCBA Connections Quick Connect

    Faster cylinder filling:    SNAP - CON©   connection with push-on threads can be fully connected to an existing valve outlet with only a push and a twist.  The SNAP - CON© feature can retract the threads when pressure is relieved, thereby permitting instant removal.

    Easier operation:   SNAP - CON© connection eliminates cross-threading.  It fits on existing valve outlets.  It also eliminates the physical strain of repetitive circular hand motion.

    Safe to use:  SNAP - CON©  incorporates a locking sleeve that prevents accidental disconnection under pressure.  High strength SNAP - CON©  threads are mechanically drawn against the male threads as a function of pressure, hold securely at over 5 times the rated pressure and resist loosening under vibration.

    SNAP - CON© SCBA connections can be used with all standard SCBA fill stations.

    Order Part No. AOSZIP1 for only $249.99 each plus shipping.  

    AOS Snap-Con Brochure


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