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AOS can provide D.O.T. approved Hydrostatic Retesting of cylinders both in our workshop and in remote areas with our Portable Hydrostatic Retesting System.

On Site Annual Visit

  • Custom Designed
  • Fly Away Technology
  • Can be taken along as baggage on any commercial airline
  • Anywhere in the World

Full Time Contractor

  • AOS offers large departments the option of a full time technician on site, year round to service equipment and update compliance documentation.

Services Provided:

  • Service Inspection and Repair of All SCBA Equipment
  • Hydrostatic Retesting of Cylinders with patented DOT approved portable Unit
  • Fit Testing of Structural and J Fire Masks
  • Level A & B suit testing
  • J Fire Masks Service
  • Air Source Carts Service
  • Spiroline Hose Testing
  • Confined Space Equipment Service
  • Equipment Calibrations
  • Hose Testing
  • Ladder Testing
  • Pump Testing
  • Compressor Installations and Servicing
  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Hydro
  • Flight line Extinguisher Maintenance & Hydro
  • Aerial ladder inspection
  • Hydrant Flow Testing

Based on your needs, we will provide a quote and full statement of work.

Training Courses Provided:

  • Compressor Operations Training
  • Interspiro Level B Training (Spiromatic and S2)
  • Interspiro S2 Conversion
  • Posicheck Operator
  • Air Testing


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